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An interdisciplinary study program at the University of Bayreuth

Elite Study Program Macromolecular Science within the Elite Network of Bavaria

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The Elite Study Program Macromolecular Science offers a excellent teaching program based on new interdisciplinary concepts and with a high level of supervision. This very good and intensive professional support enables an early entry into research or practical preparation for management positions in the economy.

The participants of the Elite Study Program Macromolecular Science will be familiarized with the current methods of the involved fields of research in addition to the courses. This is done through an interdisciplinary internship on modern research equipment. The scientific assistants are available for setting up, implementing and further developing the internship. A central element of the training is to link the internships closely to the current research, which requires continuous further development of the experiments. In addition, the intensive professional support of the students by qualified tutors is an important concept of the elite study program Macromolecular Science.

The participating professors enable the students of the Elite Study Program Macromolecular Science to receive full-scale training and the necessary depth. They participate by taking on compulsory courses and complement the range of expertise in the field of macromolecular research through their respective field of research.

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