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An interdisciplinary study program at the University of Bayreuth

Elite Study Program Macromolecular Science within the Elite Network of Bavaria

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Course of Studies

The Elite Study Program - Macromolecular Science is modularly designed and includes (i) the starter module Modern Research Topics in Macromolecular Science, (ii) two Advanced Modules with special topics from the field of macromolecular research, consisting of lectures, seminars, workshops and experiments, (iii) an Interdisciplinary Practical Course, (iv) the module From Research to Publication, (v) the module Management Training and (vi) a three-month research stay abroad in cooperation with selected internationally renowned universities.

The elite study program enclosures altogether 80 CP and is to be completed parallel to the master study program and the graduation within 4 years. Thanks to the modular concept, the good mentor/student ratio and the flexible scheduling which is individually tailored to the students, the study program can be completed at the same time as the master’s/PhD program without prolonging the overall study time. All modules were conceived and prepared especially for the elite study program and are continually being improved.

Overview Modules

Start ModuleHide

Students are free to choose several topics pertaining to current research in the field of macromolecular science. The topics are offered by the participating departments and faculties, i.e. chemistry, biochemistry, polymer and colloid chemistry, physics, biophysics, materials engineering and biology.
8 CP

Advanced ModulesHide

The elite study program includes participation in two Advanced Modules with special topics in polymer and colloid research. The modules usually consist of three elements: (i) introductory lectures given by national and international lecturers and professors of the elite study program 'Macromolecular Science', (ii) a visit to a thematic international conference or workshop and ( iii) Seminar lectures and group work on selected topics of the meeting.
8 CP each

Interdisciplinary Practical CourseHide

The module provides training in different practical techniques applied at the involved research faculties. The participating departments are chemistry, biochemistry, polymer and colloid chemistry, physics, biophysics, materials engineering and biology.
Detailed instructions will be made available during the course.
8 CP

From Research to Publication - Scientific WritingHide

The module "From research to publication - scientific writing" aims at providing support and training for the process of scientific writing and publishing.
12 CP

Management TrainingHide

The module "Management Training - Project and intellectual property management" incorporates seminars and workshops on several aspects of personal training like soft skills, rhetoric and presentation as well as on project management including research and intellectual property and patent management.
6 CP

​Research AbroadHide

Each student of the Elite Study Program will spend three months at a research institute or university as part of the Research Abroad module. The supervising university lecturers support the selection of suitable institutes and universities.
30 CP

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