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An interdisciplinary study program at the University of Bayreuth

Elite Study Program Macromolecular Science within the Elite Network of Bavaria

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Thanks to the modular concept, the good mentor/student ratio and the flexible scheduling which is individually tailored to the students, the study program can be completed at the same time as a master’s/PhD program without prolonging the overall study time. All modules were conceived and prepared especially for the elite study program and are continually being improved.

The elite study program – Macromolecular Science is modularly designed and includes:

  • the starter module Modern Research Topics in Macromolecular Science,
  • two Advanced Modules with special topics from the field of macromolecular research, consisting of lectures, seminars, workshops and experiments,
  • an Interdisciplinary Practical Course,
  • the module From Research to Publication,
  • the module Management Training
  • and a research stay abroad in cooperation with selected internationally renowned universities.

The students will further benefit from a close collaboration with and the excellent infrastructure of the following institutes and research programs located at the University of Bayreuth:

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